BSET Endovascular Fellows 2008 – present


The 2021 BSET Endovascular Training Fellowship was awarded to Badri Vijaynagar. He will undertake the Fellowship at Northwick Park Hospital.









Dave Bosanquet 2018-2019

Dave Bosanquet undertook his Endovascular Training Fellowship at Southmead Hospital, Bristol.

View the report from his fellowship here.

Dan Carradice 2015-2016

All of the BSET training centres offer world-class training opportunities, but each is different in its focus and style. I decided to base my fellowship at St George’s due to its renowned endovascular aortic practice.

My objectives were to focus upon endovascular aortic intervention in terms of: case selection; planning and device selection; equipment familiarity; deployment; periprocedural management; and complex endovascular solutions.

Read the complete report here

Anne Burdess 2015

I chose to conduct my 6 month BSET Fellowship at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, under the supervision of Mr. Murray Flett, Consultant Surgeon and Dr. Raj Bhat, Consultant Interventional Radiologist.

As a General Surgical trainee with an interest in Vascular Surgery, I realised that it was only going to be with a dedicated fellowship that I would significantly develop my technical skills.

Read the complete report here

Becky Sandford2013 – 2014

I spent 6 months at St Thomas’ Hospital during my BSET Fellowship Dec 2013-May 2014. I applied for the fellowship at the ned of my 5th year in SpR training. I then took 12 months ‘out of programme’ to complete this and one other fellowship. I chose to work at St Thomas’ particularly because of the exposure to thoracic work.

Read the complete report

Christopher Twine2012 – 2013

I was awarded a BSET fellowship in 2012 at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. I applied during my 5th year of specialist training as I didn’t think my training programme would give me the EVAR or peripheral angioplasty experience I wanted for CCT.

Read the complete report

Rob Davies2011 – 2012

Rob Davies I was fortunate to be awarded a Cook/BSET fellowship in 2011 and opted to undertake my fellowship at the Leicester Royal Infirmary in the sub-specialist field of peripheral intervention.

Read the complete report

Ian Nordon2011 – 2012

Ian Nordon I chose to undertake my BSET / Cook fellowship at St George’s in London. There were a number of reasons why I chose the centre. I saw my future as an aortic surgical specialist; St George’s has the largest aortic practice in the UK.

Read the complete report

Mr Patrick Coughlin2010 – 2011

Patrick Coughlin I undertook my BSET/Cook Fellowship at St George’s in London. My overall aim for the fellowship was to gain further experience in the endovascular management of complex aortic aneurysmal disease.

Read the complete report

Leith Williams2009 – 2010

Leith Williams I spent six months at Manchester Royal Infirmary during my Fellowship in 2009. The ultimate aim of training should be to develop individuals who can provide appropriately planned treatment for patients with vascular disease and it was clear to me that those skills would best be learnt in a dedicated fellowship.

Read the complete report

Matt Bown2008 – 2009

Matt Bown I undertook my fellowship from August 2008 to January 2009 in the Liverpool Vascular Unit. My intention was to gain alternative experience with Endovascular aneurysm repair and, in particular, learn how to plan conventional and complex endografts.

Read the complete report

Fellowships from 2008-2014 all supported by Cook. Fellowships from 2015 onwards sponsored by Cook, Endologix, Gore and Medtronic.

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Endovascular Fellowships

BSET has facilitated a number of endovascular fellowships over the past 8 years. The posts provide an opportunity for vascular or interventional radiology trainees to acquire new or more complex endovascular skills, to be spent in vascular units within the UK.